Crux Now: 10 ways Pope St. John Paul II left his mark

“The pope just died,” came the whisper. It was April 2, 2005, and I was in the midst of presenting the final talk of a seminar on the teaching of John Paul II. I shared the news with my audience. We all paused, prayed, and I somberly concluded the seminar.

Afterwards, amidst various condolences, someone wondered aloud: “Gee, waddaya gonna do now?” — as if my career as an exponent of John Paul II’s theology had just been issued the same death certificate. “This isn’t the end,” I responded emphatically. “This is just the beginning!”

As with all the great saint-theologians of history, I knew the Church would spend centuries unpacking John Paul II’s contributions. I could list a hundred ways St. John Paul II left his mark. Here are … read more